The research paper

I am working on finding material for my research paper as I have just started the last year of my BA in Digital Media Arts. I have quickly realised I want to write about digital media/technologies in live performance (maybe specifically dance). It is a broad subject and I’m not sure if I should put the emphasise on the organisation (how has the theatres in London changed with digital media? or What opportunities are there for digital creatives in the field of live performances?) or take the performers perspective (what are the performers attitude towards working alongside digital media?) Is the interesting bit how performers interact with digital media? Or how it is changing the art form? How the shows are created and put together?

To know more what I really want to focus on I need to read quiet a bit about the current debates in the field. This blog has come into creation to capture my thought process and organise all the links and books where I find inspiration to move forward.

Digital Drama: The technology transforming theatre

Video projections – a distraction to the audience and performers? Why try to copy the cinema? People come to see live entertainment, not mediated content.

“The trend appears to be towards ever more interactive sets, with effects triggered by actors live on stage.

Knifedge is testing the use of Xbox Kinect cameras for this purpose (which detect movement for the purpose of video gaming), and chemically treated glass that turns opaque with an electrical charge, creating an instantaneous projection screen.”

Knifedge Portfolio:


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