An inspirational and useful thesis

While skimming through a masters thesis in a similar field of interest I came up with a new possible research question “How is technology integrated in live dance performances?” The writer had written quiet a bit about how technology opened up for a larger audience, especially with dance films such as Centre Stage and reality shows as So You Think You Can Dance. I think it is interesting, but it does not feel so fresh. I think I more want to focus on the role of interactivity in the actual performance. Not the mediated films/tv shows.

I also found a dance performance which I would like to have a closer look at. I saw some photos and the description was

Breakdown is an interactive audiovisual dance performance presented at the Ears Eyes and Feet event in the B. Iden Payne Theater, May 2014, UT Austin Texas. Breakdown explores a 2 dimensional simulated world in which its physical rules are constantly being changed and manipulated by an external entity. An inhabitant of this world is in constant motion to adapt to its characteristics. He interacts with the physical rules and develops a dialogue with the entity who controls the forces. Eventually the inhabitant ends up breaking the world’s rules and release himself into a new world, a new dimension. The dancers’s movements and gestures are captured by two Kinect cameras on stage, creating an interactive dialog with the music and visuals.

Rodrigo Carvalho: Interactive Visuals (

Yago de Quay: Dance, Voice, and Music Composition (


Video here:

Moreover I got a good scope of name of periodicals, dance works and downloaded a few pdf:s of articles.

Periodicals: International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media

Bailey, Helen. “Ersatz Dancing: Negotiating the Live and Mediated in Digital Performance Practice.” International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media 3.2-3 (2007): 151-65.

Birringer, Johannes. “Dance and Media Technologies.” PAJ: A Journal of Performance and Art 24.70 (2002): 84-93.

Brooks, Pauline. “Creating New Spaces: Dancing in a Telematic World.” International Journal of Performance Arts & Digital Media 6.1 (2010): 49-60.

Brooks, Virginia. “A TIMELINE OF DANCE AND MEDIA.” Dance on Camera Journal (2008): 71-74.

Whatley, Sarah, and Ross Varney. “Born Digital; Dance in the Digital Age.” International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media 5.1 (2009): 51-63.


TV Platform: Tendu TV the programming DancePulp is free, most others cost.

Works:  Merce Cunningham “Biped”, Bill T Jones “Ghostcatching”, Wayne McGregor  Random Dance in Rain Room, “Carbon Life”, “Atomos”, “Raven Girl” Russel Maliphant “AfterLight”,  Compagnie Dernière Minute “Asphalte”, Sydney Dance Company “6 breaths”, Chunky Move “Glow”

“People have always assumed that lighting can be like a layer, applied over the finished work – that the designer can be brought in at the last moment. But we begin from day one.” Maliphant

Book to look up: Coniglio “The Importance of Being Interactive” and article by same author “Towards Y3K: Dance’s Digital Divide”

Mark Coniglio:

…the reason tools like video, interactivity, and telepresence are important is because they help to keep dance vital in a world where mainstream broadcast media is the most widely experienced channel of aesthetic (albeit popular) expression. Television is powerful because it combines imagery, sound, and editing into one stream of information that flows into the comfort of your home. Through the use of video, dance creators gain access to all of the plastic qualities associated with film (and television) including changes of scale or perspective and the extreme capability to break linear time with editing…Using such tools with dance allow artists to create layers of meaning with a density that is appropriate and necessary in the media intense world that we live – it is the vernacular of our time (“Towards Y3K”).

Dance and multimedia:


image search: interactive dance

word search:

BREAKDOWN [a/v interactive dance performance]



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